Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coaching Clinic at Buford High School- Sept. 12-13

On Friday September 12, our team left to go to Buford, Georgia for a coaching clinic at the local high school. We had practice then went to Brittany Howes's house for a home cooked meal by her parents! The spaghetti was so good and everyone always enjoys just being able to hang out with each other for a while. Coach Norton is from Gwinnett and so are 3 of our girls, so everyone spread out amongst these houses to sleep. We got to Buford High School at about 9:30 the next morning and began our long day at the coaching clinic. There were lots of big names there and our girls got to demonstrate all of their drills and plays for the local high school coaches. Machelle Joseph from Georgia Tech, Nell Fortner from Auburn, Andy Landers from UGA, Amanda Butler from Florida, and Susie Gardner also from Florida were the visiting coaches. They were super nice to all of our girls and our coaches got some great ideas from each of them. Our girls had a great time getting to meet all of these big time coaches and got their picture made with a few of them. After a long day, everyone was tired and ready to get back home to Rome.

Our girls with Amanda Butler and Susie Gardner from the University of Florida

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