Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner at Tess' House!

Friday night after we played Xavier in the tournament at Lee University, Tess' family had our whole team over for a chili dinner. All the girls LOVE when someones parents cook for us, and this time was no different. Everytime we go to someones house for dinner, the families are so welcoming which shows the awesome support that we recieve from the friends and families of our Lady Vikings! Tess' aunt, Tonya, cooked and all the girls sat around and ate and watched Sister Act. It was so nice to be able to just relax around a house for an hour or so after a tough game. The dogs were also a huge hit! I think everyone misses their own dogs from home so they all flock when they see one! Luckily there were plenty to go around at the Phillips home! Thank you so much to all of Tess' family that helped put our wonderful dinner together!

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