Saturday, November 1, 2008

Team Retreat: July 24-27

Our team came in from all over for our annual team retreat. This year we had a lock-in at our new Cage Center with lots of fun activities over the course of the entire weekend. The first night everyone got settled in and after we played pick-up, we had a big game of Pictionary. That was a pretty good time! Everyone laughed a whole lot!! We played a lot more pick-up and had some more great times over the next few days. Our coaches played some motivational videos for us and we got together to set some team goals for the season. Friday night we went down to Atlanta and went to Atlantic Station and to the Atlanta Dream game. On the way down we picked up our last player, Brittany Coughlan who was flying in from Maryland. Everyone had a great time and it was the first time a lot of the girls had been to a WNBA game! Saturday we played some more pick-up and in the afternoon, the coaches surprised us with a water balloon fight! They made it seem like everyone was going out to the fields for conditioning, but they had big buckets waiting on us. It had also just rained really hard so there were some awesome sliding puddles that everyone got in after we had used up all of the water balloons. On Saturday we also had some team building activities in the gym and some "share time" that helps all of us to get to know one another. Sunday was our last day and we got up and went to Coach Norton's church as a team to end our amazing team-building weekend. Our retreat is always a great time for everyone to get to know one another more and to help welcome our new players. Everyone had a great time and were ready to come back up to school in a few weeks and get started with our season!

At the Atlanta Dream game

Brit H., Alex, Bri, Carol, and Kendall all wore pink!

Pictionary Team 1 (winners!)

Pictionary Team 2

Everyone at the Varsity (minus Erica)

Thanks to our awesome coaches for putting this all together!!!

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