Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year since Halloween was on a Friday night, most of the girls decided to dress up and head over to the guys game. We met and ate at Schroeder's in Armuchee. Then the men's team played at 8PM so we headed over there. We had a witch, a bumble-bee, a fairy, 2 devils, a crash-test dummy, 2 girls from the 80's, Robin Hood, a diva, a lion, a mummy, and a hillbilly named Stella. We met up with our coaches so we could see Anna Norton dressed up as a cat, but she was a little scared of us! We had a great time, and some even better pictures!

Everyone who dressed up for the Men's game

The cutest little insects you've ever seen!

After the game, some of us went to Sonic and had a dance party in the parking lot.

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